Pediatric Specialists in Birmingham, AL

Birmingham must truly love its children.  In Birmingham can be found some of the most competent group of pediatricians in the country; Birmingham pediatrics are truly world class and any parent would feel safe entrusting their children’s health to them.


That the town excels in pediatric medicine is not surprising because it is home to the University of Alabama-Birmingham (UAB).  It is one of the biggest universities in the country and is home to a large and well-equipped pediatrics department.  In fact the UAB has partnered with the Children’s of Alabama (COA) in an agreement which made the COA the primary site for all pediatric educational and patient care activities within UAB.  This has resulted in increased efficiencies in patient care, education and research.  Birmingham is paradise for members of the American Academy of Pediatricians, Alabama Chapter.


Other pediatricians in Birmingham have benefitted from all that education and research activity.  A look at the clinics in town make it clear that they are determined to provide only the best medical care for their children.  Children are treasured and the practice of pediatrics makes that very clear indeed.  You can even infer that children from Birmingham may be offered new effective and innovative treatments before anyone else, because of all the education and research on pediatrics that goes on.  Some really great pediatricians can be found by simply visiting.

Most clinics which offer the services of pediatricians are especially designed to be appealing to children; at least in the sections meant to provide pediatric medical services.  The paint scheme, color shading and designs contain characters and figures that children would easily identify with.  There are books, toys and activity centers where children will feel at home.  TV monitors are used to continuously play child oriented programs and music.

Psychology is not left out either.  As many children either have not yet learned to communicate or are not yet effective communicators, pediatricians often turn to psychology.  Some physicians take psychology courses, some hire assistants with psychology training, and some do both.  The aim is to get past the communication barrier to understand what the reactions and cries mean.  From there diagnosis and treatment get an immediate boost.

A few very progressive pediatricians in the city have made a conscious effort to blend modern medical technology with natural herbal cures and other alternative forms of medicine.  While these Pediatric Specialists in Birmingham, AL are trained in modern medicine, they have also embraced the many benefits of alternative cures.  The result is treatment that only uses chemical-based medicines whenever truly necessary and relying on herbs and other natural cures in most cases.  This drastically reduces cost and incidence of adverse reactions to medications.

Not only are pediatricians here better informed, they are also pro-active.  They encourage immunizations not only for dreaded diseases but also for some seasonal ailments.  Many of them are also well-versed with new technologies to control various allergies children are susceptible to.

If you are looking for world class pediatric medical care, you need not look any farther than Birmingham.