Labor and baby delivery is usually a very scary moment for any new mom and dad. However, it should not be. People should not start getting worried by just seeing nurses putting on their gear.

Often times, they do this to ensure that everything is sterile and that the baby and the mother are perfectly safe. Also, the instruments used in maternity hospitals may look very scary, but they are only there to help. That is why every maternity hospital should embrace medical equipment tracking solutions to keep track of every maternity equipment in its collection.

So, if you are wondering about the some of the equipment used in maternity hospitals, here are some which can be found almost in any maternity hospital.

Amniotic hook

This has the same shape like a crochet hook but is only used for maternity purposes. The hook is used to rupture the membranes at the beginning of labor if the process doesn’t happen naturally.

This process is also known as breaking the water. This procedure is very common and extremely safe, so there is nothing to worry about if you see that equipment around.


This equipment is used to shift the baby’s position or to assist in guiding its head. The forceps can be used as an alternative method to using vacuum or ventouse if the labor takes so long, tiring or the baby is distressed. These methods are also very safe.   

The forceps used in maternity hospitals are curved to cradle the baby’s head and have been used to assist the delivery of millions of babies all over the world.


Scissors are used in case a delivering mother needs an episiotomy. This procedure is critical if the mother has challenges during the delivery process. Also, an additional pair of scissors is used to cut the umbilical cord.

This can be done by either the spouse or the doctor. This scissors is usually shaped differently and has more curves to the blades.


The doctor can use the vacuum, also known as a ventouse in the event the mother is having a hard time in labor or pushing the baby out. This instrument resembles the forceps as it assists in extracting the baby’s head through the vagina.