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Hair loss affects many people, although most alopecia sufferers are older men.  Young people, and in rare cases even children, sometimes lose their hair for a number of reasons.  And there are also women who lose their hair due to emotional, medical, and genetic reasons.  Though less common, hair loss among women and children have more damaging emotional impact than those on men; we see bald men more often so society generally accepts that as something normal

Whenever hair loss strikes, the first thing that sufferers look for is treatment.  There are so many methods available to restore or rejuvenate hair, especially among young people.  Such treatments can come in the form of low level laser therapy or the application of hair tonics infused with hair growth chemicals such as Minoxidil, Saw Palmetto, or Finasteride.  There are even some people who claim that some forms of ‘natural herbal cures’ are also effective, but those are less reliable.  Unfortunately, not all hair loss treatments are successful.  Older males don’t respond as well to treatment, and sometimes there are people who are just genetically predisposed to go bald at some point; ‘hair today, gone tomorrow.’

When hair loss treatments fail, some people with money to burn try various types of surgical hair restoration procedures.  They consult with physicians affiliated with such organizations as the International Society of Hair Restoration SurgerySurgical procedures do not apply to anyone, as it involves transplanting hair from one spot to the other – obviously inapplicable for one who is completely bald.  It may be costly, and not all grafts take root.  This leads people to find more affordable alternatives.

Hair Replacement Systems Toronto is one of the most popular alternatives whenever attempts to stop hair loss fail.  The products that they offer are of far better quality than the crude wigs of olden times

Hair replacements used to be a term that only meant one thing: wigs.  The wigs or toupee’s of old were not that good; they were uncomfortable, and looked exactly like wigs – not like natural hair.  Now if there is one thing worse than a bald head, it is a bald head fitted with a wig that everyone can see is not natural; more like a mop set over one’s head.  What is worse, the old wigs tend to fly off at the slightest hint of a breeze severely limiting a wig wearer’s mobility.

Hair replacement Systems In Toronto have come a long way since then.  The hair replacement options available now are made from natural hair, and custom styled and designed to fit the wearer so it looks like real hair.  The non surgical hair restoration options offered also allow full mobility; it can be styled, shampooed, and one can even swim with them on.  These hair restoration systems apply to different levels of hair loss, including those who have suffered complete loss of hair on their heads.

Non surgical hair restoration cost much less than surgical graft restoration, provide almost instant results, and do not even involve any pain.  If you have lost part or all of your hair, contact your local hair restoration for the best replacement options.


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